Lee Dyeing Company of
North Carolina, Inc.
Our People Make The Difference!!

Our machine operators, align the rolls of
material to the machine so that the
finished roll is straight and to ensure the
evenness of the pattern. They must
monitor the machine settings closely to
assure the quality of the finished

The inspectors watch the finished rolls
very closely for any defects or roll up
issues which are then written on our
inspection report. If it is determined that
the defect level is too high, the roll is
segregated for further inspection.

Our roll changers / maintenance men
keep the machines running properly and
change the patterns according to the
schedule. It is not a job that a lot of
people can handle. They must work on
machines which are very hot, usually
between 350 to 400 degrees.  
Depending on the schedule, they may
change up to 6 patterns in a day.
Normally, though, it is closer to 3 or 4.
We have 11 embossing machines and
approximately 280 different patterns.
The average time it takes for a roll
change is 1 hour. Our most complicated
change takes almost 6 hours.
Lee Dyeing Company of North Carolina, Inc.
pattern center
Our people are very versatile. Each has there main responsibilities but are
cross trained to work in other areas as needed. We work well together which
makes coming to work a little easier for all of us.

Although we are a small company, we have the ability to handle large
production orders all the way down to the smallest samples.
Lee Dyeing Co. is a contract embossing plant located in central New York about
50 miles west of Albany. Our embossing process has been refined over the 45 to
50 years. We offer a wider variety of embossing services. We specialize in fabric
embossing and leather embossing for upholstery, intimate apparel, window
treatments, wall coverings, apparel, bedding, and swimwear. More recently our
textile embossing has been used in automotive transmissions, military wear,
silicone chip manufacturing and outerwear. Some of our customers include West
Point Stevens, Surefit, Foss Mfg, Beacon Looms, Vanity Fair, Playtex, and W.L
We have 11 embossing machines which range in width from 45 inches to 130
inches and an inventory of approximately 280 patterns. Some of our more
"popular" patterns can be seen on our "
Pattern Center" page. We have
categorized digital pictures of some of our embossing patterns so that you may
search by type of pattern. Just click on the pattern name to view. A complete
of patterns is also available there.
The Lee Dyeing website is "under construction" so patterns photos are being
added as available.
If you would like more information or swatches, please click on the "
Contact Us"